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"My goal is to help you walk away more relaxed than when you arrived"

What my clients have to say......


Christina, I wish to thank you for my reflexology sessions I received from you this past summer. Your open and honest approach was wonderful. I found the treatments to be very soothing and relaxing and it was very beneficial to me. I had been experiencing high levels of stress due to the illness of a family member and I had been struggling with chronic insomnia. I found that after each session a sense of calm stayed with me throughout the day and I slept more soundly that week. This was a wonderful result!
 Your welcoming and open minded presence makes it easy for clients to share with you and I truly appreciated the insight I gained through our sessions. Plus it's a great way to pamper yourself toward wellness!

 Lisa M.



I find your sessions very relaxing. Each time I have a session I tend to doze off. I highly recommend them to anyone who deals with stress or just wants to relax.


I always enjoy my time with Christine. She is a very kind, gracious and caring as she shares her gift of reflexology during our time together. I always came away being relaxed, settled and happy to know I will be seeing her again in a few weeks.

Sandra S.

I was suffering with plantar facisitis for years. Lately it's been so bad I find it very painful to walk especially when I first get out of bed. After my first treatment with you I was very tired when I got home so had my epsom bath and went to bed shortly after. When I woke up I couldn't believe my pain was gone! Thank you for helping me with this. I look forward to coming back for more sessions.





I had a reflexology appointment with Christina a few months ago and it was fantastic. Christina is very professional but also so warm and friendly it makes for an enjoyable session. The treatment was a wonderful experience, very relaxing and it felt wonderful. I could have slept, and think I will when I have my next one! I highly recommend Christina and look forward to my next appointment with her.


Christa Yost



I was hesitant about coming for a session at first as I have never been to Affinity Health Clinic before. But as soon as I walked through the doors I felt welcomed. My session was very relaxing and enjoyable. Christina is so kind and caring and makes you feel very comfortable. I walked out of there feeling relaxed, stress free and like I was walking on a cloud. I highly recommend coming for a session with Christina. Everyone at Affinity was very friendly and welcoming, I had no idea they had all those services there and I look forward to exploring more.






During my session I had an emotional moment, and Christina helped me to work through it and understand that it was my body’s way of letting go of things I had been dealing with over the years that I was holding on to (she called it a “healing crisis”). At first I was embarrassed to be crying in front of a stranger, but Christina’s kind and caring nature helped me to release it all and understand that this was actually a good thing as my body was feeling relaxed enough to release it. I went home feeling a little emotional still and very tired, so I took her advice and drank lots of water and soaked in an Epsom bath. I actually went to bed shortly after as I felt drained, but woke up the next morning feeling amazing. I can’t wait to come back and release more!

Thanks Christina!





I would describe my session with Christina as comforting and enjoyable as eating warm apple crisp under a favourite quilt.  I found my experience relaxing, grounding and therapeutic.  Christina was great to talk to and her use of pressure was perfect.


Elaine Ballantyne



I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session we had together yesterday. As a first timer getting foot reflexology I can say I thoroughly enjoyed every second I was there. The hour went by way too fast, I didn't want it to end. Your warm personality and the inviting atmosphere in the massage room certainly removed any first time jitters I may have had. It was a very interesting and informative session as well. The experience you are gaining will only make our sessions better and better moving forward. For anyone who has not yet experienced reflexology I highly recommend a visit to Soles Journey and let Christina work her magic on you as well. Thanks again Christina, for the wonderful experience.


Shirley Tallman

Reflexology is much more than a one hour foot massage. Reflexology is a holistic treatment that focuses on body, mind, and spirit. Reflexology aids in healing and recovery. Christina at Soles is a master! You must try!

Bonnie J.

I've been suffering with foot pain for several months and could hardly walk on it, but after two sessions with Christina, my pain is almost gone and I am able to handle people touching my foot now without discomfort. I am so glad I gave Reflexology a try. Not only did I fall asleep because it was so relaxing but I also learned about how our body can tell us stuff through the feet. Looking forward to my next session!


 I just want to say that I love going to Christina for my reflexology!!! I started going to her about two years ago and the benefits for my health are wild!!!!
I used to have really swollen and puffy feet. After about 3 visits she was able to have the swelling go down so that I had ankles and you could see the bone structure on the top of my feet! My lymphatic drainage is so much better!!
She has helped in other areas as well......sinuses don't bother me much, she was able to relieve my pain in my shoulders and lower back, my digestive system seems to be getting better also!!! There are so many benefits that a person just has to try it a couple of times!!
Let's face it......who doesn't enjoy an hour of being pampered and having a fabulous foot massage!!
I go faithfully once a month and if I miss a month then my body tells me to smarten up and get back on track with Christina and reflexology!!


Christina's healing touch is truly remarkable! She is a great professional, with a calming, healing gift! If you want to experience healing naturally, I highly recommend a visit to Soles Journey ~ after a treatment I always feel so much calmer and my pain level is diminished. I've been visiting Christina for well over a year now, and she is amazing! Once you've been to see Christina, you will continue to visit. Thanks for everything you do!!

M. P.

Just had my first Reflexology session with Christine! It was sooooo relaxing. Christina is kind and caring and I would highly recommend her. I will be back for sure!

Kim L.

It was very relaxing and I learned a lot at my first visit. I am definitely going back. Christina does a great job!

Jackie L.

Today I had my 2nd session with Christina. Ahhh.... She can find spots on my feet that need attention and works out the kinks. Love my visits there.

Laurie W.



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