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Cost: $65 for 1 hr Session

Check Covid Protocols prior to coming

Wear Loose fitting, comfortable clothing and arrive well hydrated. (you will be fully clothed)

** See Contradictions (#10 below) as you wont be allowed to have a session if you have any on the day of your appointment.

Your session will begin with a review of your medical forms and any questions you may have. You will then lie on your back on the reclining chair where we will begin by washing your feet with soap and water. I will then begin the Reflexology routine on each foot and end with an energy grounding release.

"Our feet carry us through life, treat them well."



-Remember your body is balancing and releasing toxins so drinking water is important throughout the day after your treatment!


- While Reflexology is safe, It is not recommended that pregnant women have sessions in their first trimester of pregnancy, if you suffer with blood clots, have recently had surgery or a stroke.

- Reflexologists do not Cure, Diagnose or Treat for a specific condition. Reflexology is NOT a replacement for medical treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are you fully clothed?

A - Yes, the only thing you have to remove is your socks and shoes. Most people enjoy this about Reflexology as they don't get fully undressed. (NOTE: you are undressed from the waist up for Indian Head Massage - pants remain on at all times)


2. I have "ticklish feet", so I don't think I can have it done.

A - In all the people I have treated with "ticklish feet", not one has found it to bother them during the session as I adjust my pressure according to their needs. If you find it too bothersome to enjoy, you are always free to end the session. But it's never had to happen yet, and I have done sessions on people with extremely sensitive feet.


3. Can I come if I have a wart, Fungas or open wounds on my foot?

A - It is strongly recommended that you wait until these have healed, but I can use rubber gloves if you do have these conditions.


4. My stomach always rumbles during sessions so I find it too embarrassing to have them done.

A - Never be embarrassed as this is a sign things are naturally moving and flowing. When you come in for a session, one of our main goals is to help you into your parasympathetic state (rest and repair as opposed to the "fight and flight" state), where your body can start to make the healing changes it needs within yourself. One sign that you are shifting into your rest and repair state is that tummy growling). Try and just let it be and not worry what noises go on inside or outside as they are working their magic.


5. Do you talk during the session?

A - I always leave it up to the client on what they want, as this 1 hour session is "ALL about YOU"! I find some clients tend to chat a little at the start and then slowly the "rest and relaxation" begins to take effect and most begin to enjoy the silence or a lot of people tend to doze off. No worries about falling asleep, you will always be woken up at the end of your session so you won’t be late for any other appointments you may have! Let all your worries fade away and just go where the session takes you.


6. What if I have to go to the restroom during my session?

A - As a person who suffers with IBS, I know all too well the fears of this question. Rest assured, I have "been there and done that", so if you need to pause a session at any time to use the restroom, YOU are always in control. We work on ALL parts of your body's systems, so for some, this can trigger a need to go. The restrooms are close by.


7. Can I bring my kids for MY session?

A - Unfortunately my space is not that large, so it's highly recommend that you arrange someone to watch your children during your session. This time is set aside for "YOU" to sit back, unwind and restore your Mind, Body and Soul with the least amount of distraction as possible.


8. Can I book a session for my children?

A - For sure! If you think your child would enjoy sitting and enjoying the benefits of Reflexology, I would love to meet them. I have worked on young teens who enjoy the relaxation just as much as adults (and some who have slept real well after). My teenage boys and nephews LOVE when I give them treatments especially when under the weather.


10. Is it Safe?

A - While Reflexology has no known side effects, it is not recommended that people in their first trimester of pregnancy (I personally don't work on anyone under 37 weeks), people with blood clots in the legs or feet, thrombosis, recent heart surgery or stroke or those with recent foot fractures utilize Reflexology. I always recommend that people check with their doctors before introducing any new therapy into their lives.


11. I am under the weather should I still come?

A - If you are NOT contagious (e.g. flu), than I recommend coming for a session as working on the digestive, lymphatic, respiratory and circulatory systems MAY aid the body's natural healing process.


12. Will you tell me what's wrong with me during a session?

A- Reflexologist can never "treat" or "diagnose", so if you feel something may be wrong in your body, it is always recommended you see a qualified health care provider. If you just want to know what area I am working on (as some people find certain areas "tender"), I have no problem sharing what I am working on.


13. Will it hurt?

A- Reflexology typically does not hurt. While certain areas may be "tender" (I've found people who carry stress tend to find the neck/should area tender), it should not be painful. If at any time you find the pressure too much, please inform me so I can adjust it. Nothing is worse than spending an hour in "pain" and not being able to "rest and relax". As well, if you find you like more pressure please let me know.


14. Why do I need to drink water after?

A- As with any therapy, it is recommended you drink water after your session as toxins may be releasing from your system, and the water helps flush them out. I know for me personally, the times I have not drank water after, I developed headaches as the toxins weren't able to flush out of my system (keep in mind if you ever have symptoms you are concerned about after a session, seek medical assistance).


15. How often should I come?

A- I typically don't like to tell people "when" they should come, as I believe each person "knows" when they need a session. Our body is pretty good at telling us when it's ready, if we take the time to listen. Although, I recommend not waiting until it's been telling you for too long (which we tend to do as we have been accustomed to putting ourselves last). I personally like to go every 4-6 weeks for my sessions just to help my body, mind and spirit during those stressful times.

Some clients like coming every week for releasing stress, while others prefer every other week to once a month (or every other month) - it really is up to you.



16. Why do I feel ......?


Our body tends to "store things", and when we don't release them, they build up and build up until one day they just can't hold it any longer. Sometimes during a session or after you can have a "Release" of these built up things (whether physical or emotional). Our first reaction is to panic and worry what on earth did that session do to me (this can happen in a detox program, Therapy, massage, reflexology, chiropractic - anything that helps you relax and let go)? BUT, in fact it's actually a good thing as it's your body releasing all the "junk". This is called the "Healing Crisis". Some people may all of a sudden burst out in tears after a certain spot was worked on as that's likely related to where they were storing the "emotion", or some may have it happen a few hours later. Sometimes things that were hurting you may get worse for a day or two and then the release has happened and they are better. Here is a great article to go to that explains it further (copy and paste into your search engine).


Symptoms can range in so many ways from emotional, physical (headaches, rashes, congestion, more frequent bowel/bladder actions, fatigue, aches/pains, etc.......)


This is why drinking water is SO important before and after sessions as you body is "LETTING GO"

MOST feel nothing but relaxation


Always remember though that if these symptoms don't disappear in a few days or are unmanageable or worrisome than always consult your doctor.

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