"Put your feet up,

                 It's Pampering Time"

I am BEYOND excited to announce we have the green light to open ❤️👣❤️!!


I will start taking calls/texts as of June 22nd for July pre bookings. I have contacted  clients who’s prior appointments were cancelled due to Covid (if you didn’t receive the text or email, please contact me).


My official opening is July 2nd as I need time for all my protocol items to arrive and I am off to see my son in Kingston before he heads for his next chapter in Gagetown.


NEW Covid protocols:

(set in place for us to keep our clients safe)




* Due to the increase in costs for these protocol supplies, I’ve made the decision to increase Reflexology Sessions to $60 (as many know I debated it since last summer but put it off). I appreciate your understanding.


Prior to coming:


* Prior to coming you must ensure you do not have Covid symptoms which I will send prior to your appointment.


On Arrival:


* Please wait in your car until I open the office door for you. Please don’t arrive early as I need the extra time to sanitize the space and the door will be locked.


* MASKS must be worn the whole time  (you can purchase one via me for $1 if you forget or don’t have one - I am required to wear one as well)


* Hand sanitizer will be applied to your hands as soon as you enter the door


* Shoes and all personal items will remain at the front door, which will be locked between clients


* I can only use the light blanket during the treatment (not the big purple one) so please dress accordingly as the A/C is on (and may be set cooler now that I’m wearing a mask 😉


* Upon leaving I will be placing Hand Sanitizer on you before you leave - I will open the door so you won’t have contact with it


* Only you will be allowed in for your appointment so please arrange child care (I’ve had to remove all material chairs/couch, as well as the lending library and brochures/magazines from my waiting area as well)


* My booking times will be adjusted as we need extra time for the new cleaning protocols


*** washroom is for emergencies only and used at own risk. Please note it is shared with another business so I cannot control the sanitation prior to use.


Thank you ALL for being so patient AND now understanding of these new protocols I’m required to put into place for your safety!





Christina Flood RRPr.



147 Arnold St, New Hamburg


“Connecting Soul to Sole, helping you walk away more relaxed than when you arrived”

"Connecting Soul to Sole, helping you walk away more relaxed than when you arrived"

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. ~

                                                           Author Unknown

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